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At Transcendence we believe that there is a complex interconnection between mind, body, heart and spirit, and that wellness and health is achieved when there is a balance. None of these aspects is more important than the others. To achieve our highest potential, be healthy and happy, we need to nurture all and each of them. It doesn’t matter if our body is healthy and fit, if we are consumed by feelings of sadness. If we have a perfect and successful career, if we feel disconnected from our world and those around us. If life offers a world full of possibilities, but we are full of fears and doubts. If we have a great income, but physically and mentally we are exhausted and overwhelmed.

Our childhood and life experiences... maybe a physical or mental condition... or an addiction may have created difficult circumstances in our lives. We might be in pain, sad or confused. We might be exhausted, tired of being strong, or please others. We might believe that we are not enough, and the idea that all of us deserve to be happy and that we can achieve wellness may seem like an illusion. 

Whatever your circumstance may be, give yourself a chance, and embrace your ability to be your own agent of well-being and change. Believe that there is a way, and that the way is through seeking balance and nurturing your mind, body, heart AND spirit.

Meet our team!

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Marialuisa Elias, MSW, RSW

Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist

Reiki Master and Teacher

Shamanic Practitioner

Hi! My name is Marialuisa and I am a Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist as well as an Energy and Sound Healing practitioner. I have extensive experience assisting people in achieving their goals, may it be personal, interpersonal, emotional, or professional from a client-focused, anti-oppressive and strength-based approach. I offer emphatic, gentle, yet empowering support, encouraging all individuals to go inside to find their own answers, follow their own dreams and become their own agents of change. Over my years of experience as a Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist, I have noticed that we are more than body and mind, but also heart and spirit, and in order to achieve wellness and happiness, we need to find balance and nurture each and all of these areas.

I offer the following services:

Counselling and psychotherapy

Mindfulness Meditation

Energy and Sound Therapy

Usui Reiki Classes

My services stem from the highest and purest energy of love and light from the Divine. I believe that all of us come to this world to achieve our greatest potential, and to become agents of positive change, love, compassion, light, connection and divine wisdom.

Gilberto Martinez

Huna and Shamanic Practitioner

Hi! My name is Gilberto and I am a Huna and Shamanic practitioner. Huna and Shamanic Healing offer a very gentle and unique way to help the body heal itself by removing certain energetic blockages. During a session, these blockages are identified and cleared away, allowing the body to continue its natural healing process.

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[email protected]

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