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Energy and Sound Healing Therapy 

These sessions combine Reiki and Shamanic Healing, and are offered by Marialuisa in person (Brampton), or virtually.

During the first part of our session we do Divination which means connecting to the Spiritual World to seek messages and guidance related to your area(s) of interest/concern. Once we have a good understanding, clients are invited to lie down on a massage table, or if they prefer they can sit on a chair. Clients are fully clothed and will be provided with pillows and blankets to help them feel comfortable and cozy.

During the healing part of the session, we use singing bowls, bells, chimes, incense, essential oils, candles, crystals and other healing aids. There is minimal touch as the work is mainly done by hovering our hands over the body. We might touch the head, shoulders, ankles and feet, but if there is any discomfort at all, there is no touch at all. This experience should be relaxing and comfortable. At the end of the healing, clients are offered water and provided with feedback.

Most people report feeling relaxed, more focused and more balanced after our sessions. However, it is not uncommon to have other experiences such as of feeling emotional or exhausted. This could happen because our bodies could be bringing old/stagnant energies, emotions or memories to our awareness. If this happens, do not feel that the treatment did not work. On the contrary, this is a natural reaction activated by our innate ability to heal, which involves releasing what we no longer need, holds us back, and/or interfere with our wellbeing.

These sessions are useful when feeling out of balance or stressed; if we feel that we might be carrying unwanted energies; heal the past from an energetic/Spiritual perspective, or if we are looking to  get more insight about our lives and life purpose.


Sessions are delivered by Marialuisa. They are 90 minutes and the fee is $125 + HST.

Please note that these sessions are note covered by insurance companies.

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