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Energy and Sound Therapy

Have you been feeling tired, stressed, or out of balance? Would you like to try a safe and natural way to boost your energy and help your body restore its natural ability to balance and heal itself? The energy and sound therapy sessions use different healing modalities such as Usui and Karuna Reiki, Huna Healing and Shamanic Healing to help cleanse and balance your body and mind.

During the first part of the session we will have a brief conversation to assess your needs and answer the questions that you may have about the treatment. Then you will be invited to lie down on a massage table, or if you prefer you can also sit on a chair. You will be fully clothed and will be provided with pillows and blankets to help you feel comfortable and cozy. You will be invited to close your eyes and relax or meditate. However, if it feels more comfortable, you can keep your eyes open.

The practitioners could use singing bowls, bells, chimes, incense, essential oils, candles or other healing aids. If you have any allergy, preference, or concern please let us know in advance. There is minimal touch as the work is mainly done by hovering our hands over your body. We might touch your head, shoulders, ankles and feet. If you do not feel comfortable, you can always express it, in advance or during the session. At the end you will be gently asked to open your eyes and will be offered water. We will have time to share your experience, ask questions and receive feedback.

We also may offer long distance healing sessions, especially if there are mobility or distance challenges. However, it is recommended to meet in person at least for the first session.

For most people these sessions are very relaxing. However, for some people, they might stir up emotions, evoke memories, or make them feel tired. If this happens, do not feel that the treatment did not work. On the contrary, if this happens , it means that you gave your body and mind the gift and opportunity of releasing what it is no longer of service to you. This reaction is natural as this type of sessions tap into the body’s inner ability to heal itself; naturally your body will want to start releasing all physical, mental and energetic toxins that hold you back or interfere in your wellbeing.

Our clients have reported that these sessions have made them feel more balanced. They have helped them deal with stress and their emotions better; gain more focus, and energy to achieve goals and complete tasks; make decisions easier, overcome procrastination, and connect with their inner selves.

To learn more about each modality, click here:


Shamanic Healing

Huna Healing

Important Considerations:

Our services stem from the highest and purest energy of love and light from the Divine. We strongly believe that all of us come to this world to achieve our greatest potential, and to become agents of positive change, love, compassion, light, connection and divine wisdom. All information provided during these sessions is to be used with discretion and common sense. You are in charge at all times, and you are encouraged to use and implement only what feels right for you. Our services are not intended to predict, diagnose, substitute professional or medical intervention, harm anyone or instill fear in any way.

If you have any questions and/or want to book an appointment, please contact us at [email protected].


Children's sessions (5-16 years old, 60-minute sessions) - $95

Adult Reiki or Shamanic Healing sessions with Marialuisa (90-minute sessions) - $125.

Ultimate Reiki Relaxation Session (60 minutes) - $95

Adult Huna Healing or Shamanic Healing with Gilberto (75 minutes) - $105

Unfortunately these sessions are not covered by insurance companies.

Payments are made in advanced by cash, e-transfer or PayPal. 

To get more information and/or to book an appointment, please contact us at:


[email protected]

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