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Energy Healing 

Our Energy Healing sessions offer a safe space to recharge, seek balance and tap into our inner ability to heal. We currently offer the following modalities: Reiki, Huna Healing, ThetaHealing and Shamanic Healing.

Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful healing modality of Japanese origins. It helps us relax, boost our energy and find balance. Huna Healing is an ancient form of Shamanic wisdom that originated in Hawaii. It works by identifying and removing energetic blockages that might be getting manifested in a physical form (through, for example, illnesses, pain, discomfort), and/or emotionally and mentally (e.g. through negative thoughts or negative behaviours).

Shamanic Healing has been practiced for thousand of years all over the world. It helps us connect to our inner wisdom and Helping Spirits to seek guidance, healing and divination. And ThetaHealing works by identifying the beliefs that create unwanted experiences (for example of pain or lack) and replacing them with the assistance of the Creator Of All That Is with more positive, functional ones that retain the positive role of those beliefs while releasing the unwanted experiences.

Our services aim to offer an uplifting, positive experience. We do not intend to diagnose, substitute or interfere with any medical intervention related to any area of your life; harm anyone or instill fear in any way. Our clients are in charge at all times, and are encouraged to use and implement only what feels right and makes sense.

We offer in-person and long-distance (online) sessions. 

To learn more about each modality:

Energy and Sound Healing Therapy

Huna Healing

Shamanic Healing


Ultimate Relaxation Reiki Session

Important Considerations:


Ultimate Relaxation Reiki Session with Marialuisa (60 minutes) - $95 + HST

Huna Healing and Shamanic Healing with Gilberto (75 minutes) - $105 +HST

Energy and Sound Healing with Marialuisa - $125 + HST

Children's sessions (5-16 years old, 60 minute sessions with Marialuisa or Gilberto) - $95 = HST

ThetaHealing® with  Ainsley Magno - 60 minutes $105 + HST and 75 minutes $112 + HST

Please note that these sessions are not covered by insurance companies.

To get more information and/or to book an appointment, please contact us at:


[email protected]

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