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Would you like to learn an easy and effective way to improve your health, feel more balanced, connect to your inner wisdom, and develop or take your spirituality to a higher level in a safe, friendly and supportive environment? Then learning Reiki is for you!

Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful healing practice of Japanese origins that helps you connect to your inner ability to heal yourself and others; and attain emotional, mental and physical health. You do not need any previous experience or special skills, just an open heart to learn.

In this first course you will learn:

* The history of Reiki

* The first Reiki symbol

* Basic hand positions to treat yourself, your loved ones, pets and plants

* How to develop your intuition

* How to use a pendulum

And so much more!

When: Sunday, June 6th

Time: 10 am to 6 pm

Where: Synergistix Health and Wellness, 10 Henderson Ave., Brampton

(If restrictions are in place, the workshop will be delivered on Zoom)

Fee: $200  before May 16th 

          $225 after May 17th

          Repeats: $90*

Deadline to register: May 30th 

* Please note that there is no certificate issued for repeats. Repeats will need to provide copy/picture of previous Reiki certificates in order to participate. No discounts or promotions apply to this fee. 


‚ÄčTo get more information and/or to book an appointment, please contact us at:


[email protected]

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