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ThetaHealing® is a relaxing yet transformative technique created by Vianna Stibal in 1995. It works by helping you identify the limiting beliefs that create a certain reality, for example of pain or lack, and with the power of the Creator of All That Is, replacing these beliefs with more positive/functional ones. The aim is to retain the positive learnings while releasing the unwanted/painful experiences.

In Spirituality it is believed that we are the creators of our own reality. Each experience of pain, grief, suffering or lack contains a deeper learning that our Soul chose to go through in order to evolve. Indeed, each experience has a deeper meaning if we look closer. For example, an experience of pain might have helped us be more compassionate with ourselves and others. With ThetaHealing® we are able to identify the role or function that an unwanted experience has in our lives, and with the help of the Creator of All That Is, release the negative experience while retaining the positive learnings. We can be free of suffering and pain, as long as we are willing to connect to our inner wisdom and understand life from a higher perspective.

ThetaHealing® also helps us manifest our deepest desires and connect to our loved ones who already transitioned, our angels, ancestors, our Soul or Higher Self to seek assistance, clarification and/or messages.


Sessions are delivered by Ainsley Magno in person at our Brampton location or online. Sixty-minute sessions are $105 + HST, and 75-minute sessions are $112 + HST.

Please note that these sessions are not covered by insurance companies.

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